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*We require the original Homevision Technology Inc. invoice for all warranty issue and tested by our technicians.
*We will only accept defective products for warranty service, inspected and approved by our staff.
*Physically damaged products will not be accepted for warranty.
*If the product is deemed defective, you will be required to fill out an RMA form so that we may send the item to the supplier or manufacturer for warranty service. Depending on the manufacturer warranty policy, the product may be repaired or replaced. This may take 2~10 weeks. A copy of the RMA form will be given to you; please do not lose this form it is your responsibility to keep it in a secure location. Homevision Technology reserves the right to refuse to release any items left in our possession with out the proper RMA form.
*There are no returns or exchanges on all products.
* Any items return for store credit, we will charge 20% restocking fee *

Limited Warranty

Homevision products are covered by Manufactures warranty. Manufacturer warrants all of its products to be free from defects in the workmanship or materials for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If, at any time during the warranty period, the product has a defect in workmanship or material, Manufacturer shall repair or replace it at no charge for labor (at Manufacturer option) within a reasonable period of time.
This warranty does not cover defects or malfunctions caused as a result of software transfers, abusive operation, tampering, negligence, improper use, insufficient care or any act beyond the control of Homevision Technology Inc. The opinion of Homevision Technology Inc. with respect to this matter shall be final.

When you buy Homevision receiver your receiver will be sold to you with the latest software and firmware from the manufacture. Homevision Technology Inc. or the manufacturer does not support third party software, and if used, it will void the equipment manufacturer warranty.
To avoid invalidating your warranty, contact Homevision Technology Inc. the manufacturer to have a factory-trained technician upload software to your receiver. Only official software and upgrades available from the Manufacturer can be used with your receiver. Under no circumstances, should any other software be used with the products sold by Homevision Technology Inc.
Please note that the software is incompatible across various models. If you upload the wrong software and create a problem with the receiver, this will not only void your warrantee but may make your receiver inoperable. File transfer errors are entirely the user responsibility and Homevision Technology Inc. is not responsible for any receiver problems as a result of that.

Homevision Technology Inc is not responsible to anyone for any loss or damage occasioned by, or arising out of the improper or illegal use of products distributed by Homevision Technology Inc.
In no event whatsoever, shall Homevision Technology Inc. be liable for any form of indirect, special, incidental, exemplary, or consequential damages, including, but not being limited to, any loss of profits or loss of business, as a result of any breach of the terms hereof by the User/Buyer or any third party.
The equipment provided by Homevision Technology Inc. is intended for legitimate usage only. By placing an order, the purchaser states that he/she is of legal age and those products ordered will only be used in a lawful manner. It is a criminal offence to illegally access encrypted satellite signals. If you are using illegitimate methods to watch a pay television signal without compensating its owner, then you could be in violation of one or more laws, and may be subject to prosecution under the laws of your country. The buyer of Homevision Technology Inc. distributed products agrees to indemnity and hold harmless Homevision Technology Inc., it officers, directors, shareholders, employees, agents, assigns, and affiliates, from any and all claims, actions, suits, demands, and legal costs, brought against Homevision Technology Inc. in connection with any use or improper use of Homevision Technology Inc. distributed products by the Buyer/User or a third party.

The end-users of Homevision Technology Inc. distributed products need to read and agree to the Terms of Use and Declaration of Intent. The sales of our product are contingent upon these terms. The user of Homevision Technology Inc. distributed products agrees to the terms below.
I, the user, understand that certain satellite television equipment sold legally may nevertheless be used in an unauthorized manner to aid in the theft of satellite television services. I, hereby declare that I understand that the law provides for substantial criminal and civil penalties for that theft of satellite television services, and that I will not use Homevision Technology Inc. distributed products in any way whatsoever to intercept any satellite television signal without proper authorization from the local satellite service provider and payment of all lawful charges, and I will only use the equipment in accordance with all applicable laws.